How to generate a Public/Private key pair for SFTP authentication using Puttygen#

There are many way to create a Public/Private key pair. We recommend using PuttyGen.

  1. Download Puttygen from the following location:
  2. Select & download: puttygen.exe (save to local machine)
  3. Run/Open puttygen
  4. Select the Generate button
  5. Follow on-screen instructions (move mouse around to generate randomness)
  6. Once complete, enter a pass-phrase (this will be used when importing your key into your chosen client)
  7. Click: Save public key (save to local machine)
  8. Click: Save public key (also save to local machine)
  9. You will now need to send us the public key and retain the private one. This will need to be imported into Filezilla/Cuteftp or any other client you wish to use.

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