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Hyve SecureFTP

The Hyve SecureFTP is used to manage FTP accounts that are able to connect to the server via FTP client or through the FTP web interface.
To access the SecureFTP software you first need to RDP into the server [ then open the Hyve SecureFTP icon on the desktop

Managing users

  • Click on the Users side tab.
  • From here you can add, edit or remove users.
  • When adding a user you must give the username and password.
  • When giving a new user a username, you will be asked if you want to create the default home directory for that user, this is the directory that the user will see when they initially log in and they will not be able to see any file or directories above that.
  • You can also configure many other settings such as Limiting upload and download speeds, limiting which IPs can log in as that user and what file types that user can upload.

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