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There are a few steps involved in setting up SFTP users. This involves remoting onto your server and creating the users within Hyve SecureFTP.

Here is a guide for gaining access and creating the users:

Remoting onto your server:

  •  Select the ‘start’ bar on your workstation and search for “Remote Desktop Connection”
  • Once opened type in your server IP address (this can be located in your MyHyve portal) in the Computer: field.
  • Press ‘enter’ and this will then bring up a window asking for a username and password.
  • Select ‘Switch User’ and type the Admin credentials for your server. This can be located in your MyHyve portal. The credentials are under “SSH/RDP Server Log-in Details”

Setting up the SFTP users:

  • Once connected to the server, open ‘Hyve SecureFTP’ if it’s not already open. This can be found on the server desktop.
  • Select the ‘Users’ tab followed by ‘Add’ when the software opens. Here you can create multiple users for accessing SFTP through your interface.
  • Once you’ve specified the username, the software will ask you to create a home directory. Select ‘Yes’.
  • Create a secure password for this user, then select ‘OK’.
  • These credentials are now ready to be used on your SFTP interface.

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