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How to generate a Public/Private key pair for SFTP authentication using Puttygen

There are many way to create a Public/Private key pair. We recommend using PuttyGen.

  • Download Puttygen from the following location:
  • Select & download: puttygen.exe (save to local machine)
  • Run/Open puttygen
  • Select the Generate button
  • Follow on-screen instructions (move mouse around to generate randomness)
  • Once complete, enter a pass-phrase (this will be used when importing your key into your chosen client)
  • Click: Save public key (save to local machine)
  • Click: Save public key (also save to local machine)
  • You will now need to send us the public key and retain the private one. This will need to be imported into Filezilla/Cuteftp or any other client you wish to use

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