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How do I share files for business use in the UK?

There are many options for file sharing. Most companies offering this service are US based, so your data will likely be physically stored in the US.

Most solutions we’ve reviewed allow uploads via an unencrypted web interface over port 80, so the actual transport of the data is fairly easy to intercept making the upload or download insecure.

We’ve also found that many of the file sharing services available today make the user agree to terms and conditions that allow the service provider to parse the data stream (your upload) in order to profile the user for targeted advertising campaigns based on the file content.

If you are using the popular file sharing services, chances are you have already been a victim of this.

For these reasons Hyve have developed a file sharing service that allows the customer to run file sharing services on their own dedicated cloud server. This means the user is fully in control of the location of their data and it is private and secure.

Check out [] for more info.


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