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Front page is not working on win Plesk server:

  1. Go into Plesk
  2. Surf to the domain in question
  3. Click setup
  4. Rename FTP user account to ‘testest’ (make note of original)
  5. Untick FP support
  6. Disable remote FP authoring
  7. Add or remove stats (opposite of whatever is there now)
  8. Save
  9. TS to P4
  10. Go to site in question
  11. Ensure all _vti_xxx are gone. If not, delete them.
  12. Go back into setup screen
  13. Change username back to original
  14. Tick FP support
  15. Enable FP authoring
  16. Set stats back to original setting
  17. Save
  18. check via TS that _vti_bin has been created (its a Vroot) pointing to path:
    C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions50isapi
    (You may have to close and reopen IIS, as refresh is not reliable)
  19. If the above does not exist create it via Right click > New > Virtual directory
  20. Close all

Test FP > problem solved



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