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I have a Dedicated Windows Server and I am unable to connect via remote desktop (RDP).

The error message is:
Logon message – The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of connections

This is caused because the standard Windows license does not allow more than 2 connections via RDP simultaneously.

You can clear the connections by logging on as either the console or admin user (depending on your desktop OS). If you have Windows 2000 or XP SP2 or lower, use command (1) below. If you have SP3 or Vista use command (2) below. In both cases the rest of the instructions are the same:

1. Click: Start > Run
2. Type: mstsc /console
3. Type: mstsc /admin
4. Hit enter
5. Login as normal
Once logged in:
6. click Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Terminal Services Manager
7.Right click on the users that have an idol time and select “Log Off”

Remember to logout of the console user, because otherwise we will have to reboot to clear the connections.



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