Frontpage is not working on win Plesk server#

  • Go into Plesk.
  • Surf to domain in question
  • Click setup
  • Rename FTP user account to testest (make note of origional)
  • Untick FP support
  • Disable remote FP authoring
  • Add or remove stats (opposite of whatever is there now)
  • Save
  • TS to P4
  • Go to site in question
  • Ensure all _vti_xxx are gone. If not, delete them.
  • Go back into setup screen
  • Change username back to original
  • Tick FP support
  • Enable FP authoring
  • Set stats back to original setting
  • Save
  • check via TS that _vti_bin has been created (its a Vroot) pointing to path:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\50\isapi (You may have to close and reopen IIS, as refresh is not reliable)
  • If the above does not exist create it via Right click > New > Virtual directory
  • Close all
  • Test FP > problem solved

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