Enabling SSL On Plesk#

Note: You must have an SSL enabled hosting plan and also a dedicated IP for SSL certificates to work properly.#

  • Login to relevant Plesk server
  • Go to Customer Account > Domain > Certificates
  • Click "Add New Certificate"
  • Enter domain to be used for certificate
  • Click "Request"
  • Click certificate in listing
  • Copy CSR
  • Goto prefered SSL Certicate supplier
  • Paste CSR info into certificate supplier web page and choose required server software and period
  • Complete details and exit
  • Wait for certificate to be emailed to your email account
  • Unzip zipped cert
  • Drag domain (wwwyourdomain.crt) .crt to notepad and copy paste into 'Certificate' field
  • Drag CA Certificate (UTNAddTrustServerCA.crt) .crt to notepad, copy paste into 'CA certificate' field.
  • Drag root (AddTrustExternalCARoot.crt) .crt to notepad, copy paste into 'CA certificate' field directly after *previous CA .crt
  • Go to Plesk > customer domain setup screen > choose new cert from drop down next to certificate
  • Check 'SSL support' and 'Use a single directory for housing SSL and non-SSL content.'

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  • This clear IPSec security association,
    clear ipsec sa peer X.X.X.X

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