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Limiting user processes is important for running a stable system

1- First check the how many processes a user can execute by using

ulimit -a

2- Execute the command to set-up max_user_processes to your desired settings

 ulimit -u '-----'

For Example,
ulimit -u 4096

3- Editing the limits.conf file

Go to

 vi /etc/security/limits.conf

Change as follows

 nobody      soft      nproc      4096
 nobody      hard      nproc      16384 

Where ‘nobody’ is the user name which could be ‘root’ or the one you have on your server

Set the hard and soft limits for the number of processes (nproc) for the Directory Server user. The soft limit sets how many processes the user has
available by default; the user can manually adjust that setting until they hit the hard limit.

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