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If you are receiving the following error:

Packages "bind-libs-30:9.3.4-6.P1.el5.i386 (u 0x8e94748 source=0x8b49958 P:22 R:19)"
and "bind-libs-30:9.3.4-10.P1.el5.i386 (s 0x8ae9358 source=0x8aa3f38 P:22 R:19)"
cannot be installed at the same time
because of the conflict on the file "/usr/lib/"

This is because Redhat Linux 5 has a later version of libbind.

To resolve the problem remove the latest versions of libbind from the OS:

rpm -qa | grep bind

Remove the packages listed one by one:

rpm -r [package name




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