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First of all surf to your MyHyve portal and login.

Click on the “My Account” tab at the top and find the plan marked – VPN

Click on the spanner icon next to the relevant VPN order item.

You will then see all relevant login details for the following instructions, so keep that page open.

You will also need to decrypt the relevant passwords as required later.

Click the host URL available

Enter the Username and Password

Click the PHAT VPN Client under the List

Pop up window will appear (if not, please allow this URL from the popup blocker) and if does not download automatically, please click the ‘click here’ option to start the download the VPN client.

Install the PHAT VPN Client in your PC

Enter the same login details to connect it.

All other settings can remain default in the configuration.

Please feel free to raise a support ticket if you have any problems accessing or using this interface.

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