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Running SSL adds additional load to a web server and requires a unique dedicated IP address. It also requires third party software (the certificate) which we purchase from a certification authority on your behalf prior to setup.

__SSL Service__
SSL is server intensive. Every hit to the web server must be encrypted before a response is sent out introducing additional load to the server.

__Dedicated IP__
The web server requires that each SSL based website is hosted on a dedicated IP address which is unique to that site. This means that the sites using SSL will need their own dedicated IP address.

__SSL Certificate__
The certificate itself is issued by a third party certification authority (this is a change we pass on to our clients directly from the authorities). We purchase certificates at a discounted price (as a web hosting company), so we are very competitive and only offer high quality certificates.

__Setup Fee__
A setup fee is usually applicable for us to perform the setup and admin on the server, to document and issue a unique IP address and to liaise with the certification authorities to purchase and install the compatible certificate unique to your domain name. This fee also includes support and advice and detailed instructions on getting your site secured over SSL.

__Information Required for Certificate__
To go ahead with the certificate order, you will need to send us the following information which is required to generate the certificate:

EXACT Domain to be used with SSL. (e.g.
– Please include the www. if you require your https pages to use the www. as well.
Company Name:
Company Department (e.g. online shopping division):
Company Address:
Company Post Code:
Country of company:

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