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How to connect to a server via FTP

  • Download and install FileZilla from [
  • Once installed, go to ‘Site Manager’ (click File/Site Manager from the menu)
  • Click ‘New Site’ and add a site name
  • Add the IP address or your domain name in the ‘Host’ field e.g. and Enter “22” in the Port filed if you are connecting via SFTP or use “21”.
  • Choose ‘normal’ for ‘Logon Type’
  • Enter your username and password as specified in your setup email/myhyve client portal
  • If you have a value for ‘Default Directory’ in your FTP details, enter this via the ‘Default Remote Directory’ field under the ‘Advanced’ tab
  • Click Connect
  • You should connect to your server and be able to upload/download files

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