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Reporting Commtouch False Positives/Negatives

Q: How do I report false negatives and positives to Commtouch to ensure that the messages are properly handled in the future?

A: Reporting False Positives (Legitimate mail that was flagged as spam):

1. Submissions must contain the Commtouch RefID from the header of the message. You can forward the original message as an attachment(RefID header line included) or retrieve the RefID and put it in the body of your submission. It is ok to send more than one RefID per message. Here is an example of the header line: X-CTCH-RefID: str=0001.0A010208.492285A9.0064,ss=4,pt=62280,fgs=12

2. Send the message to

Note: This process is only intended for messages that were improperly flagged by Commtouch Premium Antispam. If the message was flagged by other IMail spam filters you must manually adjust the filter to prevent further false positives.

Reporting False Negatives (Spam mail that was not flagged):

1. Obtain the message as it was originally received.

2. Send the message as an attachment to



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