Backups failed for the VM with the following error:#

'Cannot use CBT: Soap fault. A specified parameter was not correct. . deviceKeyDetail: '<InvalidArgumentFault xmlns="urn:internalvim25" xsi:type="InvalidArgument"><invalidProperty>deviceKey</invalidProperty></InvalidArgumentFault>', endpoint:

Use the following steps to rectify the problem:

1- Power off the VM
2- Right click the VM, click "Edit settings", find the 'Option' tab and click 'Configuration Parameters'
3- Set the 'ctkEnabled' value to false
4- Set the 'scsi0:x.ctkEnabled' value to false for each disk of the VM in question
5- Open the source folder and remove any '-CTK.VMDK' files.
6- Power on the VM
7- Power off the VM again.  This step is needed to update the CTK table.
8- Power on the VM
9- Rerun Backup or Replication job to re-enable CBT

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