When you try to take a clone or vmotion or snapshot or backup of vmware vm, you will have a following error message:

"Another task is already in progress"

SSH to the respective host and issue the following commands:

1. To get a list of VMs on the host:

vmware-vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms

You will find the VMID for the corresponding VMs.

2. To get list of tasks associated with a specific virtual machine

vmware-vim-cmd vmsvc/get.tasklist VMID

The output is similar to:

  • 'vim.Task:haTask-112-vim.VirtualMachine.createSnapshot-5353'

Note: task_identifier = haTask-112-vim.VirtualMachine.createSnapshot-5353

3. To get information about the status of a particular task:

vmware-vim-cmd vimsvc/task_info task_identifier

The output is similar:

queueTime = "2016-05-28T01:29:35.233835Z", startTime = "2016-05-28T01:29:35.234891Z", completeTime = <unset>, eventChainId = 45326866,

In the above output, you will see the completeTime = <unset>, then we will need to clear this task:

4. Apply the following command to clear the tasks:

service mgmt-vmware restart
service vmware-vpxa restart

Thats it, now you will be able to vmotion or snapshot.

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