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Veeam Backup failing with any of the following errors:

11/08/2014 02:19:13 :: Failed to prepare guest for hot backup. Error: Cannot upload guest agent's files to the administrative share  [xx.xx.xx.xxADMIN$.
Cannot copy file. Source file: [C:Program FilesVeeamBackup and ReplicationVSSVeeamGuestAgentsVeeamGuestAgent_X64.exe. Target file: [xx.xx.xx.xxADMIN$VeeamVssSupportVeeamGuestAgent.exe.
CopyFile() failed.
Win32 error:There is not enough space on the disk.
 Code: 112

FIX: Upgrade disk space on target server

08/08/2014 13:22:35 :: Error: Client error: File does not exist or locked. VMFS path: [[DATASTORE
Please, try to download specified file using connection to the ESX server where the VM registered.
Failed to create NFC download stream. NFC path: [nfc://conn:vcenterserver,nfchost:host-xxxxx,

FIX: Ensure the Veeam backup server has DNS access or has a correct and up to date hostfile

11/08/2014 08:50:00 :: Failed to prepare guest for hot backup. Error: VSSControl: -xxxxxx Backup job failed.
Cannot create a shadow copy of the volumes containing writer's data.
VSS asynchronous operation is not completed. Operation: [Shadow copies commit. Code: [0x8004231f.

FIX: Wait for the next time the job runs. This is likely because the VM has vmotioned to a new ESX host and CBT is enabled

11/08/2014 02:26:37 :: Error: Client error: Failed to open VDDK disk [[DATASTORE ( is read-only mode - [true )
Failed to open VMDK.
Logon attempt with parameters [VC/ESX: [server;Port: 443;Login: [****;VMX Spec: [moref=vm-xxxx;Snapshot mor: [snapshot-xxxx;Transports: [san;Read Only: [true failed because of the following errors:

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