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Setup Passive FTP site on IIS7

1- Create a user account in Server Manager > Configuration > Local Users and Groups > Users
2- Create a new directory in the C drive where you would like the ftp site to terminate (Please name the directory exactly as the ftp user name above) 
3- Open IIS and then click on sites and right click on 'Default Website'
4- Click on 'Add FTP publishing'  

i) Select IP address of the server  
ii) Check FTP site start automatically  
iii) No SSL > Authentication (Basic)  
iv) Allow Access to 'Specified Users' and write the name of the newly created user above and tick box 'Read/Write'
v) Click Finish

5- Right Click on the Default Site
click on 'Manage FTP Site'> Click on 'Advanced Settings' > Change the Physical Path to the new directory created above'
6- Go to the newly created directory in C: (Or wherever you created it)
7- Righ Click > Go to Properties > Click on Security tab > Click 'Edit' > Click Add > Write the name of ftp user account and click OK > Select Modify > OK
8- Open IIS and click on the root of your server at the top (where the server name is appearing)
9- Click 'FTP Firewall Support' and add the 'Data Channel Port range '5000-5100' (You can add any port range starting from 1024 to 65535)
10- Add the IP address of the server in the 'External IP address of the firewall' and click Apply
11- Open CMD by right clicking and choose 'Run as Administrator' and run the following commands

i) netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=FTPService action=allow service=ftpsvc protocol=TCP dir=in
ii) netsh advfirewall set global StatefulFTP disable

You should now be able to connect to server using passive FTP

Restart Microsoft FTP Service after creating FTP Site by going to Start > Administrative Tools > Services

Windows Server 2008 Firewall

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