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Resize Windows 2003 Harddisk VMware

  1. Shut the VM down
  2. Edit settings
  3. Select Hard disk
  4. Increase the size on that properties page
  5. On another Windows VM
  6. Edit settings
  7. Add Hard Drive
  8. Use existing disk
  9. Browse to the ..vmdk file you want to extend and connect it
  10. Log into this VM and either run the following or if Windows 2008, you can use Server Manager:
  11. open command prompt:
  12. Diskpart
  13. List volume
  14. Select volume 1 (make sure this correlates to the newly attached drive, usually D or E, change the number as appropriate)
  15. Extend
  16. Now you can exit, shutdown this VM and remove the extra hard drive, make sure you don’t delete it from disk and just remove it in VM settings.
  17. Once removed from that VM, you can boot the target VM and C drive will have been extended.




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