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How to set your Catchall Email Account in Plesk

Because of the amount of spam email we all receive on a daily basis, you will normally want any emails that are addressed to non-existent users rejected by the server.

Some customers want or need to receive and inspect every single email that is addressed to their domain, and in such cases, you would set up what we call a Catchall address, an email address that catches all of the emails that are not specifically addressed to existing user accounts.

To set up a Catchall address using your Plesk Control Panel, log in using the details you have been supplied and follow these simple steps:

  • In the left-hand Menu click Home
  • Under Domains, click on the domain name you want to manage
  • Under Services, click Mail
  • Under Tools, click Preferences
  • Under Mail to nonexistent user select Forward to address and add the FULL email address of the user you want as the catch-all
  • Click OK to save your settings.


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