Windows Server 2008 Primary and Secondary IP confusion/Issue#

When multiple IP's are assigned on the Windows Server 2008, the windows will sometime choose the IP address which is closest to the default-gateway of the network as the Primary IP.
This can take a website down on the server as it changes the primary IP.

To rectify the issue, Follow the procedure below:

1- Download the hotfix from the link below:

*** This patch will add "skipassource" capability to "netsh" command.

2- Install the hotfix and reboot

3- Remove all the secondary IP addresses and add them not using the GUI but using the followinf command:
Netsh int ipv4 add address "Local Area Connection" 192.168.x.x skipassource=true

*** The Skipassource=true causes that IP address never to be used as a primary IP address.

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  • This clear IPSec security association,
    clear ipsec sa peer X.X.X.X

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