Hyve are now offering Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), the latest technology for businesses to access their desktop computers from anywhere in the world. Using a VDI has multiple benefits : reducing computing costs, administration tasks and thereby increasing productivity. Virtual Desktop is ultra secure, improves performance and with daily cloud backups, you never have to worry about your hardware failing. Our cutting-edge technology even makes the user feel like the desktop is running on a local computer.

Reliability #

100% uptime guaranteed. Never worry about your workforce being held up from IT issues. Less downtime means more productivity.

Simplified, centralised solution#

Reduce administration tasks and costs. Run desktop pools for different departments and install applications across the board, upgrade once to a template and then roll out to all of your users. Keep control of your users to ensure they are using the same type of desktop, with no rogue applications or tasks.

Reduce costs#

No upfront hardware and licensing costs. Rather than buy a server for your office, simply pay for what you use. Scale up and down as you go.

Be Green#

Compared to using a desktop computer and office based servers, using a VDI will use less electricity and is a way to reduce your carbon footprint whilst saving your company money in power and capital costs.

Expert Support Services#

Virtual Desktop supports and integrates with Hosted Exchange, SharePoint, Office 365 and all Office based applications required to run your business. Applications can be managed in house by your support team if required, or simply outsource support and administration to our expert engineers.

Ensure all data is safe with Backup and Replication#

All customer data including servers and desktops are backed up daily with a 7 day retention. Hyve also have the ability to replicate data to a secondary site if required. No more worries about missing laptops or USBs and broken hard drives.


Your VDI is protected by our multi-layered security infrastructure including DDOS protection, Intrusion Prevention, hardware firewalls and private VLANs. Data is even encrypted between your offices and Hyve datacenters. Hyve are also ISO27001 certified for information security, PCI compliant and G-Cloud accredited. Using Hyve VDI, even if your PC or Laptop is stolen, your work desktop is still safe and sound with Hyve ready for you to connect from an alternative PC.

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