Information regarding Managed Tomcat Applications#

  • Q How are files and applications deployed to Tomcat?
  • A The files are uploaded via FTP to the webroot, the ftp details are found in the setup email. If you prefer to use WAR files, please upload them to the webroot and submit a ticket to support, they will be dropped into the webapps folder for deployment.
  • Q What should be the format of the files compressed or uncompressed?
  • A The files are uncompressed and uploaded via JSP to the webroot
  • Q What is the default port no. for Tomcat & SQL server?
  • A Tomcat is running on port 80.
  • Q I want to use Tomcat connection pooling?
  • A Pooling must be configured using the applications context file and not the server.xml as we wish to keep this clean.
  • Q Which jar files available to web applications from Tomcat/common/lib & Tomcat/server/lib so as to avoid the redundancy of these jars?
  • A Please upload Jar files in your lib folder, no common jars are available.
  • Q Can we deploy the application on a running Tomcat Server?
  • A Please overwrite any files using FTP
  • Q Is there any procedure to be followed for server reload or restart after updating files?
  • A Please send a ticket to Hyve support requesting for tomcat to be restarted.
  • Q Should we update our file’s .class, properties, xml at any time? Or any specific time’s per day/weak/month?
  • A Please feel free to update them at any time
  • Q Please let us know the clustering information of Tomcat server’s?
  • A There is no clustering setup at the moment on Tomcat managed plans
  • Q What are the Tomcat server specifications?
  • A we are running Tomcat version 5.5
  • Q Is there any system which allows us to download the files from the live server log ‘s. for our reference?
  • A Please use FTP to upload and download files
  • Q Please let us know the reloading process specifically say 1 0r 2 files are updated in view of < Host 'autoDeploy' > option
  • A Re-deployment of a web application will be triggered if the /WEB-INF/web.xml file (or any other resource defined as a WatchedResource) is updated or if the Context Descriptor file from which the web application has been deployed is updated.

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