Resize Windows 2003 Harddisk VM Ware#

  • Shut the vm down,
  • edit settings,
  • select Hard disk.
  • Increase the size on that properties page.
  • On another Windows VM,
  • edit settings,
  • add Hard Drive,
  • use existing disk,
  • browse to the ..vmdk file you want to extend and connect it.
  • Log into this VM and either run the following or if Windows 2008, you can use Server Manager:
  • open command prompt:
  • Diskpart
  • List volume
  • Select volume 1 (make sure this correlates to the newly attached drive, usually D or E, change the number as appropriate)
  • Extend
  • Now you can exit, shutdown this vm and remove the extra hard drive, make sure you don’t delete it from disk and just remove it in VM settings.
  • Once removed from that VM, you can boot the target vm and C drive will have been extended.

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