My Images are not showing when I publish my FrontPage website#

Q When I upload my frontpage website the images are broken via the domain name, but they are there on my local PC. How do I make them work on the webserver?

A First of all you need to create a folder where you intend to store your images on the server. (e.g. In this example you would simply create a folder on your local machine called /images within your website root folder. Your website root folder is usually within your documents. (Its the place that Frontpage is saving all of your html files).

Next (using File Explorer) copy all of your website images into this new images folder.

Now you need to open Frontpage and open your website.

Next right click on the images that do not work and select "Picture Properties".

Next select the "General" tab.

In the "Picture Source" box, edit the location so that it uses the image within your new images folder. E.g. /images/image1.jpg

Here's an example of an incorrect path thats likely to already be there: file:///C:/Documents and Settings/your name/My Documents/My Pictures/image1.jpg

Once set correctly hit OK. The image should now be displayed correctly.

Now when you publish your site, the images will be uploaded as well.

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