How To Set Up FTP Connection In Dreamweaver MX#

  • From the main menu in Dreamweaver MX click on "Site" then "Edit Sites..."
  • Choose the relevant site from the list and click "Edit"
  • Choose "Remote Info" from the "Category" pane
  • Enter the following details in the Remote Info pane
    • Access: Choose "FTP" from the drop down
    • FTP Host: Your doamin name (e.g.
    • Host Directory: "/httpdocs/" (for Plesk users)
    • Username: Your username (as found in your setup email)
    • Password: Your password (as found in your setup email)
    • Check the box for "Use Passive FTP"
  • Click "OK"
  • Click "Done"

To transfer your website files select all site files from the site list and click the blue "Put File(s)" arrow.

You do not need to contact us to make changes to your website. Simply modify the pages using Dreamweaver and re-upload them.

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  • This clear IPSec security association,
    clear ipsec sa peer X.X.X.X

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