Domain Setup - how to make your new domain work with your hosting solution#

When you create a new domain, 3 steps are required to make it work with your hosting solution:

  1. First, point the domain to our name servers in your registrar's control panel. If you do not have access to your domain registrar's control panel, contact them directly and request that they make the change for you. This change takes up to 24hrs to take effect (propagate). Our name servers are as follows:
  2. Next, create a support ticket with our support desk ( requesting that we set up the domain in our name servers. We then point the domain at your IP addresses. Be sure to inform us of the IP address you would like the domain to point to.
  3. Set up the domain in your Plesk control panel.

These steps must be completed for the domain to work correctly.

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    clear ipsec sa peer X.X.X.X

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