Hyve Data Centre (Global Switch) Power Redundancy Information#

Our Data Centre and all associated cloud servers and cloud services are permanently fed from 2x separate commercial power grids.

In the unlikely event that these should both fail simultaneously, our Data Centre would be powered by any of the 4x roof mounted Diesel Rotary UPS generators. These have a 50 hour fuel supply on site, along with a rolling 24/7 fuel delivery contract.

Hyve is completely self sufficient and can run indefinitely even with no commercial power grid in operation.

• 2 x diverse 132kV feeds from the National Grid
• Largest HV network in private UK ownership
• Largest DRUP installation in the UK supported by 37 no-break rotary diesel UPS sets
• 4 separate DRUPS power stations
• Diverse A&B supply, distributed via 11kV rings within the data centre
• On-site diesel tanks (4 x 120,000 litres) support 50 hours at full capacity with 8 hour, and rolling 8 hour, 24x7 fuel delivery
• Comprehensive SLA based Fuel delivery contract secured with 2x major UK Petroleum suppliers.
• 100% of consumed energy is from sustainable energy sources

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