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VPN Client for Windows Vista / XP 64bit

We recommend using Shrewsoft VPN for use on Windows Vista / Windows XP 64bit.

# [
# Click the download for 2.2.2
# Install

Using a standard Cisco VPN config at the firewall which is compatible with Mac / iOS devices setup the client connection as follows:

Add > 
General Tab 
    Add Remote Host IP 
    Leave other settings default
Client Tab
    Leave settings default
Name Resolution Tab
    Leave settings default
Authentication Tab
    Mutual PSK + XAuth
    Local Identity
        Identification Type > Key Identifier 
        Key ID String > 
    Remote Identity 
        Identification Type > IP Address
        Address String > blank > Use a discovered remote host address
        Pre Shared Key 
Phase 1 Tab
    Exchange Type > aggressive
    DH Exchange > group 2
    Cipher Algorithm > auto
    Cipher Key Length > blank
    Hash Algorithm > auto
    Key Life Time limit > 28800
    Key Life Data limit > 0
Phase 2 Tab
    Transform Algorithm > auto
    Transform Key Length > blank
    HMAC Algorithm > md5
    PFS Exchange > disabled
    Compress Algorithm > disabled
    Key Life Time limit > 28800
    Key Life Data limit > 0
Policy Tab    
    Policy Generation Level > Require
    Maintain Persistent Security Associations > uncheck
    Obtain Topology Automatically or Tunnel All > Check 

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