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Unpacking Wars In Tomcat (For Premier plan customers only)

Hyve can setup your tomcat instances on Windows Plesk Servers to enable War files to unpack in the private folder found in your FTP root folder. Please contact us to let us know if you would like this enabled.


  • To deploy applications, you would upload war files to this private folder and tomcat would unpack them automatically (to the same folder).
  • If you wish to change any jsps in your app, you would then simply overwrite the unpacked jsps via FTP.
  • If you wanted to upload a new application, you would have to delete the existing war via FTP, Tomcat would delete the unpacked files automatically ready for you to upload a new war file.
  • We have found that sometimes Tomcat may lock certain files such as jar files and the only way to upload a new application is for us to stop tomcat, delete your war and unpacked files and then start tomcat ready for you to upload the new WAR. Remember that restarts can only be scheduled out of hours.
  • You would not use Plesk control panel’s Tomcat manager at all, although we would have to upload a simple war file and leave it in place to ensure there remains a host entry for your domain in the tomcat configuration file (server.xml).

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