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This is usually setup for a Loadbalancer to send traffic to a VIP (or floating IP) which is running on more than 1 webserver.

Add loopback adapter to Windows 2008 R2

  1. Click Start, select Run and enter hdwwiz to start the Hardware Installation Wizard
  2. When the Wizard has started, click Next
  3. Select ‘Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)’, click Next
  4. Select ‘Network adapters’, click Next
  5. Select ‘Microsoft’ & ‘Microsoft Loopback Adapter’, click Next
  6. Right click network icon in the systray and click Network and Sharing Centre
  7. Click Change adapter settings
  8. Right-click the new loopback adapter and select Properties
  9. Un-check all items except Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  10. Select Internet Protocol Version (TCP/IPv4), click Properties and configure the IP address to be the
    same as the Virtual Server (VIP), with a full subnet mask of the individual IP e.g. Do not add a gateway.
  11. Click OK on the TCP/IP popup window, then click Close on the Local Area Connection window to
    save the new settings For Windows 2008, its not necessary to modify the interface metric on the advanced tab and should
    be left set to Automatic
  12. Rename the loopback “Loopback” from localareaconnection 2
  13. Run the following in a command prompt:
netsh interface ipv4 set interface "Local Area Connection" weakhostreceive=enabled
netsh interface ipv4 set interface "Loopback" weakhostreceive=enabled
netsh interface ipv4 set interface "Loopback" weakhostsend=enabled

10. Now repeat the above process for all other Windows 2008 real servers

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