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(These instructions have been written under the assumption that you are using a Windows PC. You must also have access to the server details, these can be found in your MyHyve account under My Account. The information you will need is the server IP and the server username and password.)

Accessing the server:

  • You must RDP in to the server, this can be done using your preferred Remote connection software.
  • If you do not have one, then you can use __Remote Desktop Connection__. This comes pre-installed with Windows.
  • Open __Remote Desktop Connection__, click __Show Options__ to expand the window.
  • Now enter the __server’s IP__ in the Computer field and the __username__ in the User name field, now __click connect__.
  • You will now be prompted to enter the server __administrator password__.
  • You may be alerted that the computer cannot be verified. Click yes to complete the connection.
  • If all of the details were correct, a new full-screen window will appear, this will be the Windows server that we are hosting for you. Everything that you do within this window will be on the server.

If your connection is refused it may be that your IP is not whitelisted for RDP access. Please raise a ticket with the Hyve support team through MyHyve to get your access whitelisted. You will need to provide us with your IP for us to do this. You can google “what is my IP” to find your IP.

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