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Cannot log in to Plesk due to admin IP access restriction.

Error: Access for administrator from address xx.xx.xx.xx is restricted in accordance with IP Access restriction policy currently applied.

You will need to RDP to the relevant server.

Log in to the Plesk mySQL instance which defaults on port 8306. This will usually be the same as the Plesk admin login account.

Then use the following commands.

To view IPs with or without access:

use psa;
select * from cp_access;

To view access policy:

use psa;
select * from misc where param='access_policy';

To clear access policy and set access to allow:

use psa;
delete from cp_access;
update misc set val="allow" where param='access_policy';

Obviously you can delete individual lines from the table, in this example I have deleted line 3 which was an IP that was denied access:

use psa;
delete from cp_access where id=3;

To modify a row from deny to allow you can run the following command. This example changed a blocked IP to an allowed IP:

use psa;
update cp_access set type='allow' where id=4



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