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What is PCI?
The Payment Card Industry (PCI) was set up by Visa, MasterCard and the other main credit card companies. They have licensed certain companies to work with merchants such as yourselves to gain PCI compliancy to eliminate fraud and theft of credit card data. We recommend Security Metrics who we believe are the most helpful.

How does the process work?
The way it works is that you will contact the Security Metrics sales team for an initial consultation, they will ask you a series of questions and based on this will supply you with a questionnaire. Once you have filled in the questionnaire, they will run a series of quarterly scans on your systems to ensure they are adequate to meet the stringent guidelines of security.

How can Hyve help me?
Hyve offers a consultancy service on top of this to help you answer the hosting related questions on the questionnaire as most of them are very complicated. We will also work with you after the initial scan, and each quarterly scan to ensure any specific configurations are carried out.

What does it cost?
Security metrics charge around £80 per year for the scans and the initial questionnaire. Hyve charges a one-off fee of £500 to help complete the questionnaire and then a yearly fee of £500 to cover any work involved after each quarterly scan. Any additional hardware required will carry an extra fee.

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