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Quick Install Helicon ISAPI Rewrite ColdFusion

  • Create Folder: C:Program FilesHeliconISAPI_Rewrite
  • Copy files from installation into folder above
  • Create registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREHeliconISAPI_Rewrite
  • Add value: InstallDir (type=string) set to C:Program FilesHeliconISAPI_Rewrite
  • Run: ISRWConfig.exe from C:Program FilesHeliconISAPI_Rewrite
  • Enter Reg Codes
Registration name:	XXX
Registration code:	XXXXX
  • Set permissions: Users group with Read&Execute to C:Program FilesHeliconISAPI_Rewrite


  • Add ISAPI Filter to site in question via IIS
  • Filter Name: ISAPI_Rewrite
  • Filter Exec: C:Program FilesHeliconISAPI_RewriteISAPI_Rewrite.dll
  • Copy httpd.ini into site in questions webroot, test with the following settings:

# 3600 = 1 hour
CacheClockRate 3600

RepeatLimit 32
RewriteRule ^/(.*).html$ /index.cfm?q=$1 [L or RewriteRule ^/(.*).html$ /index.asp?q=$1 [L

* Create file index.cfm or index.asp
* When you hit any html file in the browser e.g. hello.html, it will rewrite to index.cfm?q=hello or index.asp?q=hello

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