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How to setup war files in private folder

*Upload simple war file using plesk tomcat manager

*This is uploaded by Plesk to this path

*This adds an entry in server.xml file for the domain.
*Edit server.xml (only for relavant host xml node)



*Now customer uploads war file to their private folder using FTP. Tomcat will automatically unpack the war unto the same directory. Customer can overwrite the files with new files and the application server will automatically pick them up.

*The application is accessed via their domain name and the folder name created from the unpacking of the war file.

*Problem is that customer will be able to upload unlimited war files.

*Tomcat manager in plesk has no affect on the applications uploaded whatsoever.

*Tomcat manager will still work for other clients as long as the above changes are not made in their host file.

*Server.xml will be overwritten if the simple war above is removed, so this must stay in place.

*Tomcat may need restarting if jar files are locked by application server and they cannot be deleted by FTP

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