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How to setup a standard DNS request.

  • Add the domain to “domains” field in Order items in Order Manager, ensure its at the top of the list.
  • Check the ‘Host IP’ is correct in OM. If not you will nave to manually change this when the domain email is created.
  • Check client plesk account to ensure that the relevant IP is setup within Plesk.
  • Click the DNS Email button in OM. This will output the following, which then goes into a DP ticket:
Please setup the following in: IN A IP IN A IP IN A IP IN A IP IN A IP IN MX 20 HostIP IN MX 30

Please also make [email protected] the owner so we have access to modify this zone via the mydatapipe console.
  • Be sure that the newly added domain is moved back to the end of the list on CMS, as we require that the top domain is the primary account domain.

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