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How to check if Windows system/server has the WannaCry patch installed:

Surf to:

1. click start > type "winver"
2. note your Windows version.
3. click start > type "update"
4. Click "Update history"
5. Look through the list and referencing the Technet article, confirm that you have the relevant patch installed for your exact Windows version.

Windows 10 Version 1607 (for x64-based Systems) should have update patch KB3213986 installed.

Usually installed around 11th Jan 2017, if standard Windows suggestions are followed.}}}

If your system does not have the patch installed, Hyve recommend you do so immediately via Windows Update. This can be done by installing all of the latest updates and rebooting as prompted.

This article references Windows 8 or 10, other versions will have a slightly different way to access the version screens, but it is the same principle in all cases.

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