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Veeam Backups very slow.

Veeam reporting timeout errors on the VM level.

Veeam agent service crashing intermittently.

If Veeam is running very slowly, there could be a variety of issues, but a particularly interesting situation we’ve experienced is when Virtual Machine snapshots have been removed but Veeam still thinks they exist.

This causes a long timeout whilst Veeam attempts to delete a non-existing snapshot.

You can check for the existence of these bogus snapshots in the Veeam SQL DB by running the following query in SQL:

SELECT [session_id
  FROM [Veeambackup.[dbo.[VmWareSnapshots

If veeam snapshots are removed in vcenter they won’t be deleted in the veeam database and we have to do this manually by running the following query:

DELETE FROM [VeeamBackup.[dbo.[VmWareSnapshots

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