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Cisco 64bit VPN client failing to install on Windows 7

Error message as follows:

Fatal Error: installation ended prematurely because of an error

This is usually because the PC has at some point had a McAfee product installed and removed. It could be from original purchase as a demo or perhaps you used it previously. If it is installed and running this should not be an issue, however, if it is and you do not intend to use a new AV, then you will have to use a new VPN client such as Shrewsoft.

To resolve this:

1. Disable any firewalls and AV
2. Ensure user account control is set to the lowest setting
3. Reboot PC
4. Download the MCPR.exe from the attachments tab and run it to completely remove all traces of McAfee
5. Reboot PC
6. Re-install Cisco client

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