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Adding a Domain to the Hyve DNS

  • Make sure your domain is pointing at the Hyve name servers (you can do this at your registrar) if you bought your domain from Hyve you can ask us to do this for you:
  • Access the Hyve Client Portal on [
  • Click “DNS Services” icon on the top of the client portal.
  • Click “Add New Domain”
  • Enter the Hostname, this should be your domain name e.g. (don’t use the www.)
  • Check “Add standard A and MX Records”, this will set up all the required records suitable for your hosting including email
  • Enter the IP of your server or plan. e.g.
  • Enter the hostname of your email server e.g. “” or “”
  • Click Add new Domain and you will see all the records have been created
  • Wait up to 24 hours for the settings to propagate

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